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September 2022: Bat Voyage Catherine!

GVWI met face to face for a bitter/sweet September meeting as we bid farewell to Catherine: founding member, founding (and current) committee member and all round spirit of Gothic Valley. She and her family (and it was lovely to see StJon and Squeaky at the meeting) are re-locating to Australia very soon and will be sorely missed. There was a good turn out for the social with a lot of cake and gin, and the inevitable raffle

First of all though, the recipients of the Gillian Nelson Bursary were announced, and our congratulations go to Leila and Rebecca as well as our very best wishes for success in their future endeavours.

And although Catherine is going, her impact will carry on - we have two fabulous table cloths, bunting, tote bags (still for sale!) and a quilted padded cover for the projector which were all created by her. We also heard from Holly how Catherine has helped raise the profile of goths and Gothic Valley over the past 10 years - poster girl and WI Life magazine cover star (or was that the llama...?)

The current committee members are deeply indebted to Catherine and hope she realises that the fact GVWI is in a healthy way is largely down to her. That said, if any member would like to join the committee, please do get in touch!

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