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November 23 Meeting - AGM & Christmas Crafts!

November is always the Annual Meeting, where the President and Treasurer give a report on activities and finance respectively, and this was done. We also confirmed the members of the committee - and thanked Lisa for her help and service over the past 6 (six!) years as she is now standing down - and voted Sarah in as President. However, just because this meeting has happened, if you feel that you would like to dip your toe in the committee waters, then please get in touch! Its really not arduous - an extra hour or so a month online (Teams) with the odd longer meeting once or twice a year in person - and you get to shape the events and activities we all enjoy.

There was also much crafting with Lisa supplying all sorts of goodies to be played with. All in all, our second meeting at the new venue went well, and our thanks go to Jenny and Alex for making us welcome. One note, its a LOT warmer than the church hall....:)

See you all on the 6th December - that's 2 weeks early - for our Bravery to Sing workshop.

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