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May 2022: World Famous GVWI Pub Quiz

Wednesday 18 May saw the long awaited return of GVWI's pub quiz to celebrate World Goth Day (sound effect : spooky noise please!)

Emmie was once again our epic MC, and the committee decided to break with tradition and this time chose a pub without an open mike night going on at the same time. Kudos to Kate, our wonderful Secretary, for finding The Rugby Tavern, and hopefully the kitchen re-fit will be finished for next year!

We had a magnificent 6 teams entering, and doing fierce combat over 8 rounds, including 2 picture rounds. A big shout out to Lisa for setting most the questions and Rosie for the plant picture round. To celebrate our 10 years, the quiz featured 2012 heavily, including the Popular Culture and Music of that year, a specific round on the summer Olympics, and the ever popular IKEA OR DEATH also had a 2012 flavour

In the end, We Drink and We Know Things just held on to their mid-way lead and won a basket of GVWI goodies, but very excitingly we had ties for both second and the much coveted last place.

We had a "horn off" (thanks Emmie) for second and a bottle of Prosecco between the Forlorn Unicorns and Unicorns, Kittens and Quizzes, while Freddy Steady Cook and Mismonas battled it out for the glory of winning the Gloomy Spoon of Doom

(NB if anyone actually knows which team was which... and who won, I'd be grateful)

All in all a triumphant return to form, and see you in 2023!

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