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January 2022 Meeting: Chair Yoga

Our January 2022 (and how did that happen?) began with not so much a bang as a series of gentle but surprisingly effective stretches as our lovely member Hilary took us through 30-odd minutes of chair yoga.

Based on movements from the pelvis upwards, we breathed, visualised, leaned and twisted as Hilary calmy talked us through the poses, leaving us all refreshed, uncricked, and in a good place to discuss the various resolutions. If you haven’t checked the e-mail sent about this and voted, please do, as every voice counts.

We welcomed Trish, ex-Stroud Green founding member and now based in Wales, as a visitor and hope to see her again. Mention was also made of the Zoom meeting on Sunday afternoon where we will be discussing the long programme for the year – again, please do come and lend your views and ideas.

We now look forward to February’s meeting and the intriguing premise of : Show and Tell, with a Twist…. Keep safe and well, and we look forward to seeing you 16th Feb.

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