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February 2022: Twisted Show & Tell

After our gentle entry into 2022, the February Zoom meeting livened things up with a great game of Show and Tell with a Twist.

GVWI member Leila introduced this by telling us of a visit she had made to a museum in Uppsala where one of the objects was unknown, and the card asked people to tell the curators if they could identify it! She showed us the object [I wonder if we can get that photo in here?] and then began by showing us a something from her collection - a lovely decorative .... well, what was it? Many guesses were made, and I'm afraid if you weren't there, I'm not going to let you in on the secret!

Other members showed us various items: technology from the 17th century to the 21st, kitchenware, biological objects and medical. Wild guesses were made and not everything was rude.

But we began with Lisa showing us around the new, and much improved, website:

Please do sign up, have a good nose around, and report any glitches. We want to make this the centrepiece of GVWI online presence.

Next month - 16 March - is a very special day as we celebrate 10 whole years of GVWI, and keep an eye out for the postman... Please join us via Zoom and raise a glass.

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