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December 2022: Ghosts of Hampton Court Palace

Updated: May 21, 2023

The last GVWI meeting of 2022 was suitably Gothic. We had a good turn out of members and several visitors as we welcomed back Sarah Slater, resplendent in a severe Victorian mourning dress, as she took us through the ghostly happenings of Hampton Court where she is a guide.

For the purposes of the talk, Sarah restricted herself to ghosts or apparitions, and hauntings or weird experiences. The tales ranged from the : "hmm, somewhat unlikely" to the : "oh OK, that's really weird" and included not just accounts from the Victorian period (especially) but also to Sarah's own experiences - and I for one will be giving any pewterware the side eye for the foreseeable future!

Members then joined in with their own thoughts and encounters, and also showed a surprising (or maybe not) depth of knowledge about council regulations for burying people in your own back garden, and global transportation of ashes.

All in all, a thoroughly good time was had, and we thank Sarah again for her wonderful talk. Let the mince pies commence! And then Hilary can help us in the next meeting with her chair yoga.

Merry Gothmas from your committee

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