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March 2022: 10 Years of Gothic Valley

Tiaras firmly (ish) in place, GVWI celebrated 10 years - and how did that happen?! Past and present members gathered via Zoom to talk about all things Gothic Valley.

We were delighted that Raven and Corrine were able to join in, and with Catherine and Holly, took us through the founding and subsequent years, and tribute was especially paid to Gillian. Adobe Suite Queen Rosie had a wonderful slide presentation which kicked off many memories and stories, and we all enjoyed the film made for our 5th year. Thanks also to Lisa who managed to dial in from her holiday, and it was wonderful to hear from her

If a word cloud had been made of the evening, 'cake' would undoubtedly have been the winner, with 'support' coming a close second, two values surely close to every member's heart

So despite it being a remote evening, it was a really joyful one, and the committee hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Next time : GVWI meet up in real life!

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