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August 2023 Meeting: Annual GVWI Picnic!

As in previous years, the weather gods were displeased with our initial date of 6th August for the annual picnic, but then smiled graciously for the substitute of the 20th. A small group of WI members plus partners, children and dogs gathered under one of the trees across from Kenwood House, together with Bibliogoth members, interested possible members (Hi Jane, hope you join) and Gothicy friends.

Much cake was eaten. Dogs were stroked, admired and were very good boys and girls. Pumpkins were stuffed and sewn up (knitted, not culinary!), and there was some very fine craft being done. Jam was sold, and raffle tickets bought. There was chatting, and drinking, and no one was attacked by a spider this year.

All in all, it was very mellow and great fun. Hopefully sufficient and appropriate sacrifices will be made over the year to come, and the sun will shine in 2024

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