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Catherine spends her working day on the phone and her spare time either with a camera attached to her face or embarking on another sewing project. She also enjoys baking, cooking and eating the fruit [...]
Daisy is known for her bright hair and love of dogs, especially dalmatians. She can often be found with a vodka in hand, being a feminist killjoy. She is responsible for many GVWI events. Offer to [...]
WI Secretary Extraordinaire and founding member of the 'overworked WI secretaries' club. She cooks, preserves, knits and drinks (sometimes all at the same time) and likes cats. [...]
Holly is the (founding) President of the Gothic Valley WI. Holly loves to bake and is usually working on GVWI business or waxing lyrical about her love for London. [...]
Natasha is GVWI treasurer and keeps our books balanced. She has a love of singing (particularly in cemeteries!) and hails from the original home of the WI, Canada. She also gets the award for most f [...]
Sarah is the self-confessed least gothy of the GVWI committee, but her love of cats makes us think she's one of us at heart! Sarah keeps us all organised and cheerful, and can make a brilliant cake. [...]
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  2. Hannah says:

    Dear Ladies,

    I’d love to come and do a talk for you at Lauderdale House!
    Please drop me an email and I will send you details about the talk.

    I am also interested in the group but my cake making usually only extends to cutting into large slices and eating!

    Best regards
    Hannah, The House Therapist 07944815973

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