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The Gothic Valley WI is one of the new breed of WIs. We invite women of every stripe, goth and non-goth alike, to join us!

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From tattoos to dementia

Gothic Valley WI has a proud history of activism from supporting organ donation by getting “I am an organ donor” tattoos to becoming a Dementia Friendly organisation. At our September meeting, we will plan Gothic Valley’s response to this year’s National WI campaigns: “Plastic soup: Keep microplastic fibres out of our oceans” and “Alleviating Loneliness” […]

GVWI in the news!

Check us out on the Islington Life Website and Catherine and Lisa were recently interviewed by Metro Life for an article on the New Wave WIs. We are always wanting to find new ways to get ourselves out there and let people know all the amazing stuff we get up to so if you have any […]

Gothic Valley WI at London Pride
Gothic Valley WI at London Pride

On the 8th of July, Gothic Valley WI, N1WI and a number of other WI groups joined 36,000 other people in the London Pride Parade. There were cakes (apparently DIVA magazine particularly liked these) and special rainbow GVWI bats, and for once, our occasional preference for black actually made us stand out from the crowd. […]

GothicValleyWIGothic Valley WI
@alexlloydjourno happy to chat! Email info@gothicvalleywi.org.uk and I'll send you a phone number.
21 months ago