About Gothic Valley WI

The first meeting of the Gothic Valley WI

The first meeting of the Gothic Valley WI

From jam and Jerusalem to black lace and Byron…meet one of the ‘new wave’ of London WIs. Gothic Valley WI was started in early 2012 by a group of friends and like-minded women in London. The founding members are a mix of professionals and students, who in our spare time like baking, jam-making, crafting and wearing lots of black. We include some award-winning bakers and a few professional costumiers and seamstresses. As a group we feel that we have great skills and experience to share with each other and with the local community. From fencing and wine-tasting to bat walks and sushi making, there will never be a dull moment in the Gothic Valley WI! We are mostly in our mid-twenties to mid-forties, and we welcome all women who would like to find out more about what we do. We strive to be an inclusive group and invite anyone who identifies as a woman to join us.

What does it mean to be a goth?

For those new to ‘goth’, there is no specific thing that defines what you need to do or be to fit into the goth scene (even the implied black clothing isn’t necessary!). The subcultural arguably started in the music of the post-punk 1970s and has blossomed into the diversity we see today. People in the goth scene all have different musical tastes, follow different religions, have different occupations, hobbies, and fashion sense.

Where is Gothic Valley?

Gothic Valley developed slowly as like-minded people came together in North London. What started as an inside joke became our way of identifying our local neighbourhood within the goth scene. You won’t find Gothic Valley on a map, but as they say, home is where the heart is. Our hearts and homes tend to be off Holloway Road, reaching from Highbury and Islington to Highgate and Crouch End. We have no geographical restrictions on membership and some of our members travel in from other parts of London.

Sounds great. Where do I sign up?

We meet on the third Wednesday of the month at the St. Luke’s church in Holloway.  The church is on Hillmarton Road, Holloway, London N7 9RE (about 5 minutes’ walk from Caledonian Road station, or on the 91, 17 and 259 buses).  More details can be found on their website: http://www.saintlukeschurch.org.uk/contact-map/ and a map is available here: showing the location.

It’s BYO drinks and snacks.

Anyone is welcome to these meetings and we do not charge guests for attendance. Most months we will have a talk or educational event. See our Events section for more details of our upcoming meetings, or read about past meetings on our homepage. Details of meetings will also be advertised on Facebook and Twitter.

Come and help us put the ‘black’ in blackberry jam!


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  1. Lesley Evans says:

    Hi Girls

    I have just returned from a visit to the very first W.I.Meeting Hall in Wales . Were our Essex Federation had Lunch . A very inspiring afternoon had by all. And I have just found your web site when I returning home . And wanted to say well done. The Bat walks and Sushi making sound great.

    Lesley Evans
    Dolphin W.I.Braintree Essex.

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