The Gillian Nelson Denman Bursary

Do you know we have a Gillian Nelson Denman Bursary? This bursary is a great way to go to Denman, the WI education centre in Oxfordshire.

It is open to all Gothic Valley WI members. You can go do a course on almost anything crafty or cookery! The courses at Denman can be pricey and the bursary covers the cost of the course and travel.

It is simple to apply; there is a just a short form to fill out. These will be available at meetings or you can message We will give preference to a member who is taking a course to expand her knowledge to set up her own business or to expand her skills for the wider community. This could tie into our campaigns, help you become the first GVWI craft magnate, teach kids in your local school or achieve world domination through Suffolk Puffs (google them, they are fun). If you don’t have a business plan etc, apply anyway; if you have a passion we want to encourage it.

Check out what Denman have to offer here:

We have extended the deadline to December so get your applications in! It really is an experience; if you are not sure ask Joanne or Celia to tell you about their experiences.

Gillian Nelson

Gillian Nelson

Gillian was a member of GVWI and the GVWI committee who was passionate about crafting and opening opportunities to all women. She was inspiring and passionate.  She sadly passed away three years ago. She is dearly missed by GVWI and her husband James and son Wesley. Very generously, James is matching the fundraising we do for the bursary. If you have a fundraising idea for the bursary, do let us know.

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