May Meeting – Annual GVWI Pub Quiz

May’s GVWI meeting was our annual Pub Quiz in honour of World Goth Day. Our president Lisa welcomed a selection of goths (and not) or all genders before introducing our Quiz Master for the evening – the inimitable Preacher Muad’dib.

Preacher as quiz master

Preacher as quiz master

Quiz rounds included topics of music, “Goth” in all contexts, women in history, London and sport although the most entertainment probably came from the “Ikea or Death” round – is the word a Scandinavian death metal band or an item from a furniture catalogue! Extra points were given to the team with the best name and (in view of the then upcoming election) the team who came up with the best three word manifesto for Preacher’s new national government.

To the astonishment of all, not least the person themselves, this year’s winner was the one sole-entrant under the name, ‘We’re all in this together… oh wait’. An additional rule of the Quiz-master is that a sole-entrant must be bought a drink by every person from every team they beat. We will be interested to see how collection on these 30-odd drinks goes over the next few months :P.

Thinking hard at the quiz

Thinking hard at the quiz

In true WI fashion, there was also a raffle for a range of prizes including books, hand-crafted goodies and of course, the odd bottle of alcohol.

Many thanks to The Enterprise for hosting us for this excellent evening.

Lastly, we also took a decision at this meeting to allow a dual member to be our treasurer (this needed to be approved by the membership).  Welcome Joanne to your new role!

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