June 2017 Meeting – Goth Goes Rainbow for Pride



On Wednesday, 21 June, we were delighted to have as our speaker the fantastic Holestar, who is a female drag queen. Winner of Best Drag Act at London Cabaret Awards 2105, Holestar shared with us her life story, including tales from her time in the British Army and from her life as a drag performer in Vienna and London. We highly recommend her as a speaker. She also delighted us with her fabulous song, ‘Queen of ****ing Everything’ and we ended with a singalong. We’ve invited her to join GVWI, so stay tuned to see if she will add WI member to her illustrious resume!

We also learned about the efforts of two of our newer members, Joanne and Melissa, who are organising the knitting of yellow ribbons to commemorate victims of the Grenfell fire.  We will be devoting the next Craftygoth to knitting these. If you have questions, please contact info@gothicvalleywi.org.uk.

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