GVWI April 2017 Meeting Report

April’s meeting was devoted to the fascinating flexibility of celebrant wedding ceremonies – a rather pleasing mirror to July’s 2016’s meeting about modern funeral arrangements.

Celebrant ceremoniesAfter a welcome and introduction by our president Lisa, our outgoing secretary Natasha introduced Jeannene who had in fact been the celebrant for her own wedding. We were given a brief introduction to the requirements of a legal marriage or civil partnership and the limitations in both religious and civil ceremonies. Jeannene then went on to tell us about her work as a Celebrant creating personal and unique wedding ceremonies that, because they do not contain the legal element, are not constrained in the same way. The talk prompted lively discussion as well as amusement and delight as Jeannene and a number of GVWI members shared stories of their own experiences and different ceremonies they had been to or heard of. Apparently the most outlandish place Jeannene has conducted a ceremony is on a boat but she has heard of one performed whilst scuba diving so lives in hope… The discussion and swapping of anecdotes and memories continued into coffee and (absolutely not an excess of) cake.

It was at the end of this meeting that we also bade a sad farewell to our secretary Natasha who will be leaving us for Canada in a week’s time. We will miss her greatly and wish her everything good going forward.

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