GVWI Annual Meeting (November 2016) Report

Holly introduced everyone to the Annual Meeting, reminding us that GVWI is a safe space for all of us to come enjoy learning new things, make new friends, and relax and be a forum for discussion and support, with boundaries and respect. Members are welcome to bring a friend!

The recent planning meeting for 2017 went well and the committee are working on a great programme.  

We shared the dates for the forthcoming meetings of Bibliogoth and Crafty Goth. The committee are interested in reinvigorating  Culture Goth, which was supported by the members. Sarah will take this forward as events lead on the committee.

GVWI are hoping to have a stall at the December Alternative Bring and Buy (Sunday, 4 December) and ask members to get involved by baking, or offering to help run the stall. Members can use the GVWI recipe pack to get them inspired, and GVWI will reimburse for ingredients. Running the stall only takes a few hours and is a great way to meet more folks in the goth scene.


Treasurer Natasha reported that the accounts had been signed off by Death and Taxes, our Independent Financial Reviewer. The group voted to continue to use Death and Taxes for 2017.


Daisy Madder was the only current committee member not to stand for office in 2017 and Holly thanked Daisy, on behalf of GV WI, for all hard work in the previous year.

Holly Peterson, Elin Sandberg, Catherine Currie, Natasha Drennan and Sarah Roberts committee 2017expressed their interest in remaining on the committee and this was agreed by the membership. Lisa Hughes and Kate Stimpson joined the committee.

Presidential elections were officiated by Maggie Weatherby from the Middlesex Federation. Holly Peterson and Lisa Hughes were nominated. Holly declined and Lisa was formally elected as president.


Following the business meeting, the members shared a delicious pot luck supper and we had great fun playing good old fashioned (and sometimes surprisingly complicated) board games.  

Next month

We’ll be making gothic holiday decorations, materials provided.

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