July 2016 Meeting report

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our July meeting, a particularly riotous occasion, made all the more surprising given we were discussing death! Lorraine Barwell, a funeral arranger (and now happily dubbed ‘Our Very Own Goddess of Death’), came to talk to us about the modern funeral business, the increasing visibility of women in the industry and how, in an ever more informal society, there is trend for funerals to be seen as a celebration of a life as well as the mourning of a death. Weird facts were bandied around “did you know that in the 1500s you had to be buried in wool?” Even weirder questions were asked “So, can you be buried with your horse?” And some of the more out there funerals that Rain had encountered were mentioned – Star Wars funeral, anyone? And, as you’ll see below, there are no restrictions on the vehicle that you can use as a hearse. We couldn’t really have spent a jollier Wednesday evening and that was before we even got stuck into the wine and the cake.



image courtesy of Tanks A Lot.







2 Responses to July 2016 Meeting report

  1. Akoni says:

    I’m interested in this, I don’t know if you will respond to a mail or is this all weman.? I have always been drawn to the goth aspect , but don’t know y? Please respond. Akoni

    • Holly says:

      Hi Akoni,
      We are a group for all those who identify as women. If that includes you, you’re welcome to join us at a meeting to see if you like what we do.
      Thanks. Holly (GVWI President).

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