GVWI March 2016 meeting – Make Do and Swish

GVWI celebrated its fourth birthday in March with a ‘Make do and swish’ event.

Members got a great tutorial from GVWI’s own Vice-President Catherine on how to make the most of their wardrobes by making small alterations, such as adding a dart to a shirt or hemming trousers (great for us very short ladies in particular!).

Members then swapped unwanted items of clothes for exciting ‘new to me’ garments, coming away with everything from floral print blouses to PVC hotpants.

Catherine shared a video (from Stoke Newington WI member Claire-Louise) about how to hem trousers so that the hem will never fall out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6OoGn6EqpM

We also celebrated with homemade vegan and wheat-free cakes (very tasty!), to celebrate the anniversary of our founding in March 2012.

Our anniversary gave us a chance to welcome several returning members, and revisit our goals to be an inclusive group providing a safe space for all those who identify as female to share friendships and learn new things.

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