February Meeting update – Belly Dance

Rosie belly dances with a pineapple.

Rosie belly dances with a pineapple.

Our February Meeting was a talk about Belly Dance by member Rosie Loveridge.

Rosie explored the roots and history of belly dance and also spoke about her personal history with the dance form.

She also treated us with some amazing videos from early recorded dances to male belly dances, explaining the moves and the strength involved making it look effortless. She recommends this Tedx Talk in particular.

For the end, she showed some moves to some of out braver members, resulting in the jingle of coin belts and lots of giggling!

Rosie’s final show piece was dancing with a pineapple on her head. So if you see a lady in a supermarket putting pineapple on her head, we are just following her lead.

The group also mentioned the upcoming Bibliogoth meeting on 13 March, where the group will be discussing A Natural History of Dragons, by Marie Brennan.

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