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Greetings from your committee! We are working hard to improve our WI and we welcome your input. Each year the committee has a planning day in January, to prep for the year ahead. We wanted to share with you what we talked about, and ask for your ideas and feedback. Here’s a roundup of what we focussed on this year, and how we could use your help.

This year, we really want to focus on increasing our membership. Ladies, you are all wonderful, and you bring so much to the WI. If you enjoy what we do, and you come along even semi-regularly, please join as a member. You get some additional benefits, and you get a chance to vote and influence the WI at a local, regional and national level. We’ll be working on ideas for how to reach out to the goth community and far beyond to encourage anyone into our alternative vision of the WI to join us. Please share your ideas, bring friends, and talk about the WI in your daily lives. We’re getting some flyers printed, and we’ll ask you to hand them out to anyone who might be interested. You can join at one of our meetings or on our website.

You can also help us by welcoming new members at meetings. Don’t know someone? Please feel free to introduce yourself, ask them a bit about what they do, and help them feel welcome. The committee also do that officially, but we might be running around sorting out power cables and fickle laptops, so please help us by actively welcoming visitors and new members.

We’re delighted to be in our new home of St Luke’s Church Hall, and we hope that having a permanent and stable venue will help us increase our membership.

We have more pin badges on the way, so keep an eye out at meetings or our events.

Tell us about stuff we should include in our newsletter or share with members at meetings. Heard of something cool members might be interested in doing? Speak up or tell one of the committee.

Come to our sister events, including Bibliogoth (usually the first Sunday of each month, 2pm at the Parcel Yard), Culturegoth (occasional trips to museums, galleries and other cultural things), and CraftyGoth, our craft group which will restart on the 4th Monday of each month at the N19, beginning next month.

Get involved! We participate in a few community events each year, including the Alternative Bring & Buy, and a few local arts or crafts events. When we put out a call for volunteers, join us! We really want those beyond the committee to take part, either by baking (we can give you tips) or by helping us on the day.

Are you a secret expert (or just good at something in particular)? Want to share your knowledge? Let us know if you’d be interested in giving one of our monthly talks, and we can add you to the list for our next year’s plan. We can provide support and guidance for doing a talk, so it doesn’t need to be scary!

Talk with us on social media. Join our Facebook group and page, follow us on Twitter, and comment on our website (or, better yet, write something for the website! We can deal with the tech side – we just need text and, if you can provide one, an image). We want these to be filled with the voices of our members, so post away! Tell us what you think of our newsletter, so we can improve it for you.

We’ve talked about doing a series of professional development activities (see LinkedIn). Sadly, after asking a few times, we haven’t had any feedback on what members want, so we’ve decided to put it on hold for now. If there is something you’d like (anything, really – from help with a computer programme to how to dress for an interview) we can provide it! As soon as we know what people want, we’ll start holding professional development activities.

Lastly, if you’re interested in working on anything, please let us know you’d like to join the committee. We can co-op members at any time. In particular, we’d love to have someone with web expertise or an interest in the WI campaigns join us.

Contact us on or get in touch with us at or (which is checked by Elin).

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