January Meeting – update

Thanks to everyone who came the meeting last night. We had an excellent time! A quick round up:
-Sydney Padua gave an amazing talk, which included showing us her own animation of the analytical engine (it was, frankly, extremely cool).
-We chose a new home for GVWI. Going forward, we will meet at St. Luke’s Church Hall. It’s a bright, warm space, with a kitchen so we can drink tea and coffee during the meeting.
-Thanks to everyone who donated and bought pins.
-For those who want to join, it’s time to join/renew membership. We’ll be sending round an email with details, but if you’re not on our email list, comment below and we’ll update you. Membership is £37.50 a year, allows you to vote on all matters of interest, and you get a nifty membership book with some decent discounts. You also get a pin and a jar of jam when you join. Our fees support all our activities, including paying for the hall and for any speaker fees.
If you have any questions, just comment or send us a message at info@gothicvalleywi.org.uk

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