Picnic in style

Showing off freshly baked muffins. Photo credit: FlavioMatani

Showing off freshly baked muffins. Photo credit: FlavioMatani

Gothic Valley members and guests had an excellent summer picnic on Hampstead Heath on 3 August. The weather was perfect, and it was easy to spot the sea of black on the lawn below Kenwood House.

We ate, listened to some appropriately gothy tunes, lounged in the shade (eschewing the bright sun) under a blackthorn tree, and even managed to stick our president up a tree in a ‘Goths up Trees’ moment. Our affiliated book group, Bibliogoth, also had its August meeting at the picnic, making for a nice mix of guests. Our youngest guest, Wesley (age 6 months) fit right in with his purple hat.

The picnic is an annual event, so join us next year for more fun and frolicks in one of North London’s marvellous green spaces!



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