January Meeting — Cheese!

via ulterior epicure on Flickr

via ulterior epicure on Flickr

This month after a quick pre-talk meeting  we welcomed ‘The Urban Cheese Maker’ Phillip Wilton as a special guest. During his presentation we learned all about his wild youth and frustration with a restrictive, corporate adulthood. After a fortuitous holiday in Las Vegas, and a little too much severance money to play with, a life-changing decision was born — become an urban cheesemaker.

Fast forward through 12 months of study and travel to the north Phillip emerged with enough technical knowledge to begin making cheeses. The recipes for soft and hard cheese differ mostly in the time it takes to ripen, with the flavours characterised by the source of the milk, such as whether it comes from a single herd, and any flavour added to coat the cheese. Refining his technique took some time, but the rewards of running his own business with a product he loves to share shows in his contagiously positive attitude.

He describes himself as a maker rather than manufacturer, he uses un-homogenised milk, which we sampled alongside comparatively tasteless supermarket milk. We also learned that cheese bought from a supermarket is often the same recipe, with different flavours added, and often camembert and brie are exactly the same!

Selling only to London, based in his beloved Tottenham, allows Wildes Cheese to have a more diverse range of products that varies according to season and availability. This includes fresh cheeses, traditionally matured cheeses and experimental cheeses, like a coffee-flavoured cheese! Examples of soft and hard cheeses were available to try and buy.

For more information, and to find out where to buy his lovely cheese, you can visit http://wildescheese.co.uk/

Corinne Pritchard

Corinne Pritchard

Corinne is a plain language campaigner, information designer, lindy-hopper and occasional baker. She designed this website.

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