November minutes

Gothic Valley WI minutes

Meeting Type:                  Annual Meeting

Meeting Date:                  14/11/2013

Meeting location:           The Shaftesbury N19

Opened at:         7:30pm                 By:          Holly Peterson

Attendees:         26 attendees


Approval of previous minutes:  Taken as read

Items discussed:             

1 WelcomeHolly welcomed all members and visitors.


2 Committee NominationsLiz invited any further nominations for Committee.


3 Approval of MinutesMinutes were approved unanimously with minor corrections. Holly drew attention to our 2012 goal of doubling our membership by the end of 2013 which we have met with 22 members and 2 dual members at the end of the financial year.


4 Matters arisingThere were no matters arising.


  Website write upElin volunteered to write up meeting for the website.


5  GVWI News Our online presence continues to grow, with 116 FB ‘likes’ and 657 Twitter followers.


6 Around the WIs Fees for 2014 are £34.70 for full members and £15.80 for dual members. Renewals are due from January for existing members.


7 Upcoming eventsBiblioGoth is reading ‘The Lies of Locke Lamora’ by Scott Lynch and will be meeting at the 5th View in Waterstones Picadilly at 2pm on 1 December. Details on FB.

CultureGoth is going ice skating at the Natural History Museum on 10 December at 8pm. Please book your own ticket. Details on FB.

Chiswick WI is very keen on doing a champagne tour to Reims on 4-8 April 2014. Anyone interested should talk to Elin.

Catherine encouraged volunteers to sign up either time or donation for the next Alternative Bring and Buy on 8 December.


8 Review and update of bylawsElin informed members of the changes to NFWI governing documents. Governing documents are available to view on request.


9 Presentation and Adoption of Financial StatementFinancial statement was adopted unanimously.


10 Appointment of independent examinerRuth proposed that Death and Taxes be reappointed as financial examiner for 2014. This was approved unanimously.


11 GVWI Committee’s Annual ReportElin read highlights from the Committee’s report. The Annual Report was approved unanimously.


12 President’s AddressHolly thanked all GVWI members, the MFWI Advisers who make it all possible and the sister WIs who have continued to welcome us with open arms.


13 WI Adviser TalkLiz Morell attended as WI Adviser and praised GVWI for our unique perspective. Liz spoke briefly about the importance of campaigning in the WI and the family that is the WI.


14 Result of ballot for committeeThe GVWI Committee stood for re-election en bloc, except for Catherine Currie and Corinne Pritchard. GVWI wishes to thank Catherine and Corinne for all their hard work on the committee and we wish them all the best in the future.


The GVWI Committee for the coming year will be Elin Sandberg, Ruth Chapple, Fran Bath, Holly Peterson, Gillian Nelson.


We hope to add new committee members on an ad hoc basis throughout the year.


15 Nominations for President 
  Liz invited nominations for President. Several nominations were received. Elin Sandberg accepted the nomination and was appointed President, to commence after the close of the Annual Meeting. 
16 Holly introduced the speaker, Eva Gledhill of Books and Bakery. 
17 Eva showed us techniques for sugar paste roses and distributed materials for each member to make their own. 
18 The speaker was thanked. 
19 Holly thanked everyone for coming. Elin thanked Holly for her service as President and Ruth presented her with a gift.


Actions agreed:                               

  Action Person responsible Completion date
  Write a brief review of the meeting. Elin TBA


AOB:                      No other business.

Next meeting:                  12/12/2013         And thereafter:                09/01/2014




WI Secretary Extraordinaire and founding member of the 'overworked WI secretaries' club. She cooks, preserves, knits and drinks (sometimes all at the same time) and likes cats.

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WI Secretary Extraordinaire and founding member of the 'overworked WI secretaries' club. She cooks, preserves, knits and drinks (sometimes all at the same time) and likes cats.

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