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By NS Newsflash on FlicrAs a rule, we’re happy to answer questions from the press about all things Goth, female and WI.

The best way to get in touch with us is to email us, or to tweet us @gothicvalleywi.

Thank you!

Corinne Pritchard

Corinne Pritchard

Corinne is a plain language campaigner, information designer, lindy-hopper and occasional baker. She designed this website.

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One Response to Want to talk to us?

  1. Lily says:

    trying to find out the dates of the Sept,October,November, December meetings (and themes of talks if possible)

    sent off requests for info a while ago but had not heard back

    and as sites keep leaving calenders blank hard to get updated info

    *also will there be a Halloween party this year and if so has date been pinned down yet (as was too injured and exhausted to attend last year so very much looking forward to getting out more this Autumn)

    *also can you confirm the address of those meetings (is it going back to the old pub?which will be a relieve as no stairs)

    *also have the sewing and craft groups groups completely

    *and are there any cultural events coming up the Autumn?

    *as starting to make commitments for the next few months and would like to pin down some dates so I do not end up unavailable due to lack of early notice

    if you can possible get back to me fairly soon that would be great

    thank you


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@alexlloydjourno happy to chat! Email info@gothicvalleywi.org.uk and I'll send you a phone number.
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