March Minutes

Gothic Valley WI minutes

Meeting Type:                  Monthly meeting

Meeting Date:                  14/03/2013

Meeting location:           The Shaftesbury N19

Opened at:         7:30pm                                 By:          Holly Peterson

Attendees:         Click here to enter text.


Approval of previous minutes:  Taken as read

Items discussed:             

1 HP welcomed the meeting. Everyone introduced themselves and HP welcomed new members and reminded members how the meetings run.
2 Matters arising- There were no matters arising.
3 GVWI News- 89 FB ‘likes’ (+9), 85 FB group members (+12) and 337 (+22) Twitter followersCC asked whether men were allowed to join the FB group. HP explained that the group was primarily aimed at members and potential members, but that the general public was welcome to ‘like’ the FB page and follow GVWI that way.

GN gave the group a brief report on GVWI’s participation in Haringey Council International Women’s Day. £38 was raised.

2014 programme of events is now open for suggestions via a public Google document. Any volunteers to join an ad hoc committee to organise this programme should contact HP.

City University project is looking for potential interviewees for a story on the role of societies

Ham and High and Islington Now have both run stories featuring the GVWI. These stories will be added to the newsletter in due course.

Madeleine Pearce has stepped back from the GVWI Committee and has been replaced by Jillian Adamson as social media doyenne.

4 Treasurer’s Report-RC reminded members that 2013 subscriptions are now due and must be paid by the end of the month.
5  Pin Badges-HP proposed to the group that GVWI has enamel pin badges made up and given to members, as well as being sold as a fundraiser. Members unanimously voted to have pin badges commissioned.
6 Around the WIs- NFWI 2013 resolution will be on saving the high streets.HP and ES got to see the MFWI sampler in ‘WI Life’ . GN and CC proposed a GVWI sampler to be made by members. It will also be a chance to teach and learn embroidery techniques. They will come up with ideas and put them to the group in April.

HP gave a shout out to Stroud Green in WI Life for winning the WI quiz and Little Stanion WI for featuring pole dancing at one of their monthly meetings.

7 Upcoming events-HP encouraged all members to volunteers for events. The GVWIC will create a crib sheet and mentoring scheme for anyone who might be shy about representing the GVWI to the public.GN asked for volunteers to knit hats for premature babies in honour of International Midwives Day. It is also a great opportunity to get in to knitting.
8 Correspondence- Members received copied of both February and March editions of Middlesex news, after February’s were delayed last month. One of our members, Julia Cutrey, is featured in the March edition.WI 2013 Raffle tickets on sale now and will be available at each monthly meeting through August.
9 Taken during item 4.
10 Break for refreshments
  HP introduced Lisa Cookwitch.
  Lisa gave a lovely talk on Greek and Mediterranean Easter food, with samples of homemade halloumi pie (on Pi day!)
  CC gave a vote of thanks to speaker.
  Closing remarks by the President

Actions agreed:                               

  Action Person responsible Completion date
  No actions were agreed.

Report from Treasurer: There was no report from the Treasurer, as this occurs quarterly.

AOB:                      CC had her camera with her to take photos to use in press correspondence.

Next meeting:                  11/04/2013         And thereafter:                09/05/2013

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