July Minutes

Gothic Valley WI minutes

Meeting Type:                  Monthly meeting

Meeting Date:                  11/07/2013

Meeting location:           The Shaftesbury N19

Opened at:         7:30pm                                 By:          Holly Peterson

Attendees:         Click here to enter text.


Approval of previous minutes:  Taken as read

Items discussed:             

1 HP welcomed the meeting. Everyone introduced themselves and HP welcomed new members and visitors.
2 Matters arising- Frankie offered up tickets to the Globe.
3 Website writeup– Fran volunteered to do a brief write up of this meeting for the website.
4 GVWI News- 99 FB ‘likes’ (+3), 96 FB group members (+7) and 485 (+25) Twitter followersHolly reminded the group that we are taking suggestions for the 2014 programme of events. Anyone with ideas should add them to the GDoc (link is in the monthly newsletter). Sue, Kathryn, Yvette, Daisy and Lily previously volunteered to help shortlist.

Holly asked for volunteers to organise the Halloween party. No volunteers were forthcoming.

5  Campaigns and local initiatives- Gillian was absent so no update on the campaigns.
6 Around the WIs- Elin gave a brief update on Denman College. Anne Harrison, the Denman delegate, reported that the financial situation has improved, but is still tenuous. Several shorter courses have been added and members are strongly encouraged to book courses at Denman.
7 Upcoming events-The next AB&B will be 21 July 2013. Holly asked for volunteers to bake goods for sale.In lieu of a regular meeting in August, GVWI will be having a picnic in Hampstead Heath on Sunday, 11 August at 2pm. Meeting point is just south of Kenwood House. All welcome.

The group meeting is being organised by GVWI this year and will be on Wednesday, 25 September at 7pm. We are thrilled to announce that the special entertainment will be provided by Professor Elemental of chap hop fame.

BiblioGoth is reading Henry Miller’s ‘The Tropic of Capricorn’ and will be skipping the August meeting. There will be a pub crawl in late August to find a new BiblioGoth pub. Next meeting 1 September.

CultureGoth is going to the William Morris Gallery on Sunday, 14 July at 2pm.

On 30 July, N1WI is having India Night coming to talk at their normal meeting spot on Packington Street.

8 Correspondence- Middlesex News is now being distributed electronically. Link in the GVWI newsletter.WI 2013 Raffle tickets on sale now and will be available at each monthly meeting through August.
9 Holly encouraged visitors to join the GVWI. Members get a raft of benefits, including getting free pin badges and jam.
10 Break for refreshments
  Holly introduced the speaker, Tim Dean. Tim introduced us to the wonderful world of toys and toy safety, and distributed toy samples.
  Elin gave a vote of thanks to speaker.
  Closing remarks by the President

Actions agreed:                               

  Action Person responsible Completion date
  Write a brief review of the meeting. Fran 31 July

Report from Treasurer: There was no report from the Treasurer, as this occurs quarterly.

AOB:      Crouch End Connection does free ad space for non profits and community groups.

Next meeting:                  11/08/2013         And thereafter:                12/09/2013

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