June Meeting – Highgate Vampire

Vampire by zachflanders on Flickr

So, apparently vampires do not have slick black hair, flowing capes, nor do they sparkle in the sun – I learnt at this June meeting. This month’s WI evening was of an intriguing nature as David Farrant, witness to an oval faced, piercing-red eyed ‘entity’ set the record straight on his misinterpreted reports of Highgate’s resident vampire during the early 70s.

It wasn’t a predictable meeting and that is what I enjoy about the GVWI. I look forward to being surprised! There is no such thing as monotonous gatherings, every week is entertaining. I particularly enjoyed learning about local history and events from the vicinity, an occasion turned into an endearingly charming experience when accompanied by scrumptious home baked cupcakes from committee members. And even if it sounds unoriginally stereotypical, yes, there were plenty of sweet goodies and sightings of knitting! But I can’t wait for the July meeting.

Julia Cutri

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