July 2013 Meeting – Toy Safety

Toys by The Opus on Flickr

Toys by The Opus on Flickr

Thanks to the lovely Fran for this write up on our July 2013 meeting!

Just want to give a massive shout out to Tim from Vivid Toys for his entertaining and informative talk on toy safety at the WI meeting in July. Now we all know why scraping the paint off dolls and setting fire to teddy bears is all in a day’s work for Tim! We’ve been enlightened on some of the many efforts which go into ensuring that children do not accidentally (or deliberately) consume any small tasty objects such as plastic eyeballs or magnets.

Turns out that it’s also a good idea to check whether seemingly innocent noises made by children’s toys can be misinterpreted as being noises of an altogether more adult nature!

We are also assured that the thing currently doing the rounds on the internet about how a Crayola crayon will burn for 30 minutes is actually true. Just don’t try it out on carpet.

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