April 2013

Gothic Valley WI minutes

Meeting Type:                  Monthly meeting

Meeting Date:                  11/04/2013

Meeting location:           The Shaftesbury N19

Opened at:         7:30pm                                 By:          Holly Peterson

Attendees:         12 attendees


Approval of previous minutes:  Taken as read

Items discussed:             

1 HP welcomed the meeting. Everyone introduced themselves and HP welcomed new members and reminded members how the meetings run.


2 Matters arising-

There were no matters arising.


3 Website writeup– Daisy volunteered to do a brief write up of this meeting for the website
4 GVWI News-

89 FB ‘likes’ (+9), 85 FB group members (+12) and 337 (+22) Twitter followers

Holly reminded the group that we are taking suggestions for the 2014 programme of events. Anyone with ideas should add them to the GDoc (link is in the monthly newsletter). Yvette, Daisy and Lily volunteered to help shortlist.

BiblioGoth will be restarted with support from GVWI. Ruth gave a short intro to BiblioGoth. Venue and first meeting will be decided soon. Holly will post the link to the BiblioGoth FB group o the GVWI group.

Holly suggested to the membership that GVWI run a few professional development sessions (eg networking, leadership skills, CV writing or anything else people might find useful). Anyone interested should speak to Holly or email info@




Around the WIs-

Elin gave a brief report from the MFWI Annual Council Meeting. Yvette is now a member of the Executive Committee and is 2nd Vice Chair in the Federation.


6 Campaigns and local initiatives-

Holly spoke briefly about NFWI campaigning. GVWI has created two new positions on the GVWI Committee; one on researching campaigns and policy and one organising activities and practical input. Anyone interested should contact Holly, Ruth or Elin or email info@gvwi


7 Press-

GVWI has gotten some attention from press recently. Holly encouraged members to talk to the press, but they should not feel obliged to do so. If anyone is asked to speak on behalf of the WI, please refer them to the Committee. Anyone in contact with the press, please let Elin know, so that we can track what’s going on. There is also a press pack, press-ready photos and an FAQ sheet.

8 Upcoming events-

There is no further news on International Midwives Day on 5 May.

Catherine explained that N1WI was involved in the Holloway Arts Festival last year. They have invited GVWI to participate in a tea garden on 1 June. There is a sign-up sheet at monthly meetings. Gillian asked about profits form the cake stall. This will be confirmed at the next meeting.

Holly and Yvette have had a meeting with the team that runs the Crouch End Project. There will be a cake sale on 27 April and a ‘cake off’ on 9 June. Members were asked to volunteer to bake cakes or volunteer on the stall. The ‘cake off’ in June will be the Great British Bake Off gone very local. There will be categories for professionals, amateur adults and children. The Crouch End Project is currently identifying judges.


9 Correspondence-

Members received copied of both February and March editions of Middlesex news, after February’s were delayed last month. One of our members, Julia Cutry, is featured in the March edition.


WI 2013 Raffle tickets on sale now and will be available at each monthly meeting through August.


10 Holly encouraged visitors to join the GVWI. Members get a raft of benefits, including getting to join in events such as the Thai cooking workshop on Saturday.

Transition Dartmouth Park and LoVe Eating are organising a vegan cake festival.

Middlesex’s quiz team (3 members from Stroud Green and 1 from Ruislip Evening) have won the regional heat and are through to the national competition!


  Break for refreshments


  HP introduced Elin Sandberg and Gillian Nelson.


  Elin and Gillian gave a talk on the history and components of Thai food. Happy Thai New Year everyone!


  CC gave a vote of thanks to speaker.


  Closing remarks by the President




Actions agreed:                               

  Action Person responsible Completion date
  Write a brief review of the meeting. Daisy 25 April


Report from Treasurer: There was no report from the Treasurer, as this occurs quarterly.

AOB:                      CC had her camera with her to take photos to use in press correspondence.

Next meeting:                  09/05/2013         And thereafter:                13/06/2013



WI Secretary Extraordinaire and founding member of the 'overworked WI secretaries' club. She cooks, preserves, knits and drinks (sometimes all at the same time) and likes cats.

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WI Secretary Extraordinaire and founding member of the 'overworked WI secretaries' club. She cooks, preserves, knits and drinks (sometimes all at the same time) and likes cats.

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