Wedding (cup)cake

Wedding cupcakeSo, this past weekend I was honoured to be asked to bake a wedding cake for the wedding of two lovely friends. Photos of the cake and making process are on facebook:, and I used this recipe:

A few tips:

I baked a test cake using natural food colour.  It was tasty, but sort of browny-pink.  For the real cake, I used a whole pot of caterer’s red gel food colouring.  That worked much better and gave the lovely colour you see.

Also, I am the world’s worst (ok, maybe not, but close) froster.  I can make really tasty cake, but I can’t frost for a damn.  So this cake got a few iterations of frosting.  I ended up just doing a smooth layer with a piped top, then chucked (literally – with some help from one of the bridesmaids!) silver baubles and turquoise glitter on it.  The bottom is just the cake sprayed silver using the Dr Oetker silver shimmer spray, which is just awesome.

Lastly, I don’t agree with the Joy of Baking’s frosting recipe for this cake, so I used my own, which is basically:

1 tub cream cheese
500 grams icing sugar (you might need closer to 1 kilo)
1 tsp vanilla extract
20 grams soft butter
milk to adjust consistency, if needed

Basically, just mix them together until it is frosting consistency. It’s easier to use if you then refrigerate it for 30 minutes or so before using.


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