Tamale making

Back in December, our lovely friend Gerry had our president, secretary, VP ambassador and other friends round to show us how to make tamales.  We learned tecniques for two different kinds.  I’m going to try to remember the basics.

For the first kind, we took masa (ground white corn) and cooked it into a paste (actually, Gerry did that bit!).  We then wrapped it in banana leaves, along with an amazing masa harina (chili paste), chick peas, olives, red pepper and cooked spiced rice:

Inside the banana leaf tamales

Inside the banana leaf tamales






We made a lot of these

All the banana leaf tamales

All the banana leaf tamales

We then also made a plainer kind, with uncooked masa and a tasty corn and bean mix in them.

Holly and Gerry making tamales

Holly and Gerry making tamales

We also made a lot of these:

Corn husk tamales

Corn husk tamales

It took all afternoon, but Gerry was very patient and generous as we learned to fold and tie them.  And we had all.the.tamales left — even after eating lots we all had some to take home.  Thanks Gerry for showing us a great time and good skill!




Holly is the (founding) President of the Gothic Valley WI. Holly loves to bake and is usually working on GVWI business or waxing lyrical about her love for London.

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