February 2013

Gothic Valley WI minutes

Meeting Type:                  Monthly meeting

Meeting Date:                  07/02/2013

Meeting location:           The Shaftesbury N19

Opened at:         7:30pm                                 By:          Holly Peterson

Attendees:         19 attendees


Approval of previous minutes:  Taken as read

Items discussed:             

1 HP welcomed the meeting. Everyone introduced themselves and HP welcomed new members and reminded members how the meetings run.


2 Distribution of previous minutes is now via the website. Links to the minutes will be emailed to members in the monthly newsletter, which will go out by the end of the week.


3 GVWI News-

HP updated the group on social media followers. MP encouraged members to interact with the posts on the GVWI Twitter and Facebook pages to help our posts appear more visibly.


GVWI will be participating in the International Women’s Day celebrations hosted by Haringey Council and the College of North East London on 10 March. Gillian is coordinating this and has been in touch with Stroud Green, Stoke Newington and Haringey and Tottenham WIs to see if they are interested in having at joint presence at this event.


Ruth reminded members that subscriptions for existing members are due by March 2013. Please pay subscriptions by cash, cheque or bank transfer. Holly reminded all present of the benefits of formally joining the WI.


Holly reported that GVWI have gotten several enquiries whether men should be allowed to attend the speakers and/or educational programme portion of each monthly meeting. The committee discussed this and felt that this will normally be allowed provided that guests are polite and respectful. If any members have concerns about this, please contact the committee.


Miko suggested that GVWI get involved in the London cycling thing this summer.



4 Around the WIs- Candidate biographies are available for the election of NFWI Board Trustees for the 2013-2015 term. Members were invited to view the bio and express any preference to the Committee. Ruth spoke briefly about the role and remit of NFWI Trustees. GVWI has a single vote in this election and will vote according to the best knowledge of the Committee if no majority views emerge from the membership.







Correspondence- February 2013 copies of Middlesex News have been delayed due to inclement weather. These will be distributed at the March meeting.
6 Break for refreshments


7 HP introduced Catherine and Miko, who will be running tonight’s workshop.


8 Catherine and Miko showed us how to make a variety of ‘handmade kink’ items, including blindfolds, soft restraints and bags for personal goodies.


9 HP gave a vote of thanks to speaker.


10 Closing remarks by the President




Actions agreed:                               

  Action Person responsible Completion date
  No actions were agreed.    


Report from Treasurer: There was no report from the Treasurer, as this occurs quarterly.


Next meeting:                  14/03/2013         And thereafter:                11/04/2013



WI Secretary Extraordinaire and founding member of the 'overworked WI secretaries' club. She cooks, preserves, knits and drinks (sometimes all at the same time) and likes cats.

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WI Secretary Extraordinaire and founding member of the 'overworked WI secretaries' club. She cooks, preserves, knits and drinks (sometimes all at the same time) and likes cats.

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