A little goth glamour

Gibson tuck

Gibson tuck

Sunday I saw the amazing Miss Honey Bare for a vintage hair and makeup session, which I won on her blog.  I never expected to win, but it was so much fun and really useful!

I first met her when she did a vintage hair and makeup demo for Stoke Newington WI back in the summer.  I started to follow her on Twitter and found out about the competition.

She spent four hours teaching me how to do new hair (yay, I finally got the trick of the Gibson tuck – photo is of my attempt the next day) and how to deal with makeup in a way which is easy but not what I do pretty much every day.  What was great was that she didn’t try to make me look like someone else – just a more fun version of me.

She also made me tea and awesome vegan chocolate coconut cookies (which I also shared with lovely vegan Ruth).

I highly recommend her skills and services.  Although she can do ‘traditional’ makeup and hair, she’s great for us alternative types who want to be glamorous but still goth/punk/rockabilly/retro – still ourselves!

You can find her via her blog or on Twitter: @MissHoneyBare.

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