The Shaftesbury

The Shaftesbury Pub

The Shaftesbury Pub

The Gothic Valley WI meets monthly at the Shaftesbury Pub on Hornsey Road.  We love the Shaftesbury and wanted to tell you a bit more about it….

The Shaftesbury has a great friendly atmosphere.  Landlord and landlady Dave Herron and Wallis Leahy have made the community welcome and lots of us in the area are use it as a community hub. It feels like an extension of our living rooms (and not just because it’s about 5 yards from mine!).

They serve real ale (and two of the pumps have ales chosen by the public – so you can vote for what you’d like to see on tap the following month). They also have real cider (Aspalls) on tap, and a great selection of other drinks (including swanky Fentiman’s mixers)

The pub does a quiz every Tuesday, which regularly attracts up to 50 people, and hosts a good live music and open mic nights on a regular basis.

There is a lovely covered area outside the front of the pub for the smokers (or just to get fresh air), a good-sized front room and a lovely, semi-private back room (where the WI meets).  They sometimes show football, if you go for that sort of thing, but even when they do, the garden and back room are quieter.  They also have a good selection of board games.

Roasts are served on Sunday, and the rest of the week you can get pizza from the excellent Opera Pizza just over the road, or order in any number of takeaways.  Wallis and Dave will even supply plates and cutlery.

We highly recommend the Shaftesbury for a quiet pint or a large gathering.  If you’re planning on having a big group, let Dave and Wallis know and they’ll be sure to have enough staff to continue their excellent service.

Details: The Shaftesbury Tavern, 534 Hornsey Road, Archway, London, N19 3QN, 020 7272 7950

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  1. Michelle says:

    The Shaftesbury is great. I keep meaning to pop along to the quiz night.

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