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GVWI judges siege weapon competition

Judges, entrants and onlookers

Gothic Valley WI was recently asked to judge the first GMI (Gothic Mobile Infantry) siege weapon competition at Whitby Gothic Weekend, a biannual event where Goths of all kinds gather to drink and be merry.

Part of the annual festivities involves a highly suspect ‘game’ known as Maffball, where flaming (well, not very flaming, it’s only paraffin) toilet rolls are flung at equally suspicious looking characters on a beach who then proceed to throw or kick the Maffball in order to destroy their enemies friends. And yes, the police and coast guard do know about it.

In the interests of Safety (of course), a device was proposed to launch said flaming toilet rolls – and the competition was born.


  • Accuracy: Rory (man with stick)
  • Distance (second attempt): Team Renegade (aka Team Chewie)
  • Style: House of Cake

Gothic stalwart and world famous fire-eater Preacher may also have been put forward as a siege weapon (well, at least his arm). Ahem.



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