God Save the Queen — we mean it man…

To celebrate the most auspicious of occassions, the Diamond Jubilee, I have made a beautiful stencil for all your crafting needs. Simple enough for cake top sugar stenciling even!

Inspired by Jaime Reid’s Sex Pistol cover art, I hope that even those uninspired by the traditional bunting-filled street parties can now celebrate in style!

If you want a more traditional stencil, I based mine on one by TastyK at Deviant Art.

I will be blogging my own creations this evening, Thursday 31st May. If you use the stencil please send me a picture and I’ll make a rogues gallery.

Download a copy here: God_Save_the_Queen_Stencil[1]



Queen of all things books and bakery, Eva pursues a number of esoteric academic pursuits when she’s not concocting delicious new recipes.

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