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North Nineteen pub

North Nineteen pub – from northnineteen.co.uk

The N19 pub is located just down the road from our usual meeting place (the Shaftesbury), and is the local pub for many of the Gothic Valley WI members.
It serves excellent food, including the best Sunday Roast in London (IMHO, and for a reasonable price). It has a good selection of real ale, ciders and other drinks (they even managed to find a bottle of Campari for me last summer). The food during the week is also excellent. A (non-WI) friend says they have the best veggie burger she’s ever had. I highly recommend the pulled pork sandwich.
The staff are also great and so good that, when I rang last weekend to see if there was still roast, not only did they reserve the last of the chicken roast for our group, they recognised our voices on the phone and were waiting for us when we arrived.
I highly recommend trying them on a Sunday or any day of the week.
p.s. try the zucchini fries.

5 / 5 stars     

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5 / 5 stars