3 experimental cupcakes, 1 recipe

Mint chocolate, lemon, and pecan and ginger cupcakes I hadn’t done any baking for a while, and a couple of my recent experiments had gone quite awry, so I was looking for something guaranteed to work to bolster my baking self esteem.

This basic cupcake recipe from the Good Food channel was a great starter. I made the batter, missing out the milk and vanilla extract, and divided the mixture into three and added ingredients to taste, making 12 cupcakes in three different flavours.

The mint chocolate chip cupcakes came out the best — I added crushed chocolate and mint sugar syrup to the mixture and the chocolate icing came out a treat. Could have been a little more minty.

The lemon and honey cupcakes were pretty good too, though lemon isn’t my favourite flavour. I added lemon zest as well as juice to the mixture before baking, and grated zest over the icing to finish.

The banana and pecan cupcakes were very tasty, but not the best of the three. I can never get the consistency of banana cake right — I prefer mine on the cakey side but it usually ends up more like bread.

Overall, the basic recipe creates a cake that’s balanced on sweetness and with a nice crumb, but there’s a little too much grease. I tried another batch of the same recipe with 50g less butter, but they were too dry — I’ll try 125g next time!

They were really, really, tasty though. Next time I should probably share them…

Corinne Pritchard

Corinne Pritchard

Corinne is a plain language campaigner, information designer, lindy-hopper and occasional baker. She designed this website.

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  1. Holly says:

    Yum! Yes please for sharing. :-)

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