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The Gothic Valley WI is one of the new breed of WIs. We invite women of every stripe, goth and non-goth alike, to join us!

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September 2016 meeting

Join us for our annual campaigns meeting, where we discuss the resolution agreed at the national AGM in June.  This year, we had two resolutions passed, so we’ll spend two meetings talking about them over the course of this year. In this meeting, we’ll be discussing dementia care, which was the focus of one of the […]

August GVWI picnic
August GVWI picnic

Great fun was had by all at the annual GVWI picnic on Hampstead Heath.  We had a beautiful day for it: In fact, we’ve had beautiful weather for all five (yes, five!) GVWI picnics, so I guess the sun always shines on the first Sunday in August. Lots of people turned out to enjoy the day. You’ll note […]

August picnic
August picnic

People and friends of the GVWI — join us for our picnic on Hampstead Heath on Sunday! That’s right — this Sunday!! It looks like it will be sunny and warm, but the wet weather venue is the Garden Gate pub, just in case it does rain. Otherwise, see the details below. https://www.facebook.com/events/253788981669402/ (this event is public […]

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@alexlloydjourno happy to chat! Email info@gothicvalleywi.org.uk and I'll send you a phone number.
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