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The Gothic Valley WI is one of the new breed of WIs. We invite women of every stripe, goth and non-goth alike, to join us!

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Meetings for 2018

We have an exciting programme planned for 2018. 17 January          The History of Lace Making 21 February        Girls Rock London 21 March            100 Years of Suffrage 18 April               Modern Architecture 16 May            […]

WI featured in Being Human festival

Join fellow GVWI members (1940s attire and cake welcome but not required!) for this great event celebrating wartime film and featuring the WI!  25 November, 3pm at Senate House, Malet Street, WC1E 7HU.  GVWI saw one of the films in July and thought it was great.  Questions ask @holl_price on twitter.   

The Gillian Nelson Denman Bursary
The Gillian Nelson Denman Bursary

Do you know we have a Gillian Nelson Denman Bursary? This bursary is a great way to go to Denman, the WI education centre in Oxfordshire. It is open to all Gothic Valley WI members. You can go do a course on almost anything crafty or cookery! The courses at Denman can be pricey and […]

GothicValleyWIGothic Valley WI
@alexlloydjourno happy to chat! Email info@gothicvalleywi.org.uk and I'll send you a phone number.
41 months ago